Exhibitor Information

This page is for current Exhibitors, Artists, Creators, Vendors and Costuming/Cosplay Groups who will be a part of our show. The page will be updated as information becomes available. It is up to Exhibitors to review and understand this information.

Make sure to whitelist square-egg.com and squareeggproductions.com in your email so you do not miss any upcoming communications.

Remember to be courteous and respectful to your fellow exhibitors, vendors, artists, creators, guests, convention staff and attendees. This includes sound/noise coming from your space, interactions with those involved with the convention and general participation in the event. We want to have a good show and that includes all of our exhibitors, vendors, guests and artists having a great show as well. Use common sense and have fun!

Page last updated: 02/16/2018

  • Load-in/out Information
  • Check-in Information
  • Exhibitor Access & Security Information
  • Restocking & Dock Access Information

Exhibitor HallHours

Thursday: 3:00 pm–8:00 pm (VIP access at 2:30 pm)
Friday: 10:00 am–7:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)
Saturday: 10:00 am–7:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)
Sunday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)

3rd Floor Hall Hours

Thursday: CLOSED (Exhibitors will have access)
Friday: 10:00 am–7:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)
Saturday: 10:00 am–7:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)
Sunday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm (VIP access at 9:30 am)

Programming Hours

Thursday: 10:00 am–12:00 am
Friday: 10:00 am–12:00 am
Saturday: 10:00 am–12:00 am
Sunday: 10:00 am–12:00 am

Facility and Location Maps

The Exhibitor Hall is located on the Lower Level of the North and West buildings.

The Hall of Heroes is located in the 300 North Building.


Load-in/Out Information

Load-in and Load-out are never an easy or perfect process. Your patience and willingness to work with us and our contractors will make this process go more smoothly.

General Information

  • Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed in the halls during load-in/out. This is for safety reasons as forklifts and heavy machinery will be in use.
  • Multiple vehicles are allowed, but we ask exhibitors to use as few as possible. Depending on the availability of the dock, vehicles may not make it to the dock at the same time.
  • Staging for load-in and load-out will be done through the Tonto Marshaling Yard (1102 E Tonto St, Phoenix, AZ 85034). See the map below.
  • All exhibitors are subject to search.
  • If your driver has a Bill of Lading, a freight charge will be incurred and charged to the Exhibitor. Contact CSI etc. for freight, shipping and billing information.

Load-in Times

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thursday, May 24, 2018, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Load-in Process

  • All load-in and setup for the Exhibitor Hall must be completed by Thursday, May 24 at 2:00pm. Any load-in after that time must be approved by the Operations Manager, Kellie Ambrosia.
  • Exhibitor credentials are required on Thursday, May 24, 2018 to enter the facility.
  • Dock Access
    • Exhibitors needing dock access will line up at the Tonto Marshaling Yard where they will be given a dock pass and then clearance to go to the dock.
    • Once given the clearance, Exhibitors will head to the dock (use the map below for the best route) and will be directed where to park by security.
    • Exhibitors will check in with the dock master for pallets and carts, unload their vehicles, then check-in at the Exhibitor Manager’s booth to pick up their credentials.
    • Once unloaded and checked-in, Exhibitors will need to remove their vehicle from the dock, then they may return to setup their spaces.
  • Street level load-in
    • Street access is only available on 5th St between Monroe St and Washington St (just north of the dock entrances). Exhibitors trying to access the facility for load-in from any other entrance will be directed to the 5th St entrance.
    • The loading zone is small and only available for 30 minutes at a time. Vehicles parked in this area are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
    • No two or four wheeled carts or dollies will be allowed in the passenger elevators or front of house. Suitcases are the only acceptable wheeled transport for items.
    • Exhibitors will not have access to the freight elevators.
  • Late load-in
    • If you are not able to make the load-in times listed above, please reach out to the Operations Manager, Kellie Ambrosia. Late arrivals need prior approved or you will be turned away.

Things to help with Load-In

  • CSI etc. can store your empty boxes and containers for a fee.
  • Pallet and cart services are available to those using the dock.

Load-out Times

  • Sunday, May 27, 2018, 5:00 pm – 11:50 pm

Load-out Process

  • Load-out will begin after the Exhibitor Hall is closed and all attendees have left the halls. Then the dock and dock doors will be opened and review of spaces for dock access will begin.
  • Dock Access
    • As with load-in, Exhibitors will need to use the Tonto Marshaling Yard (1102 E Tonto St, Phoenix, AZ 85034) to access the dock.
    • Exhibitors may start lining up at 4:30 pm at the Tonto Marshaling Yard.
    • Exhibitors need to check in with the Dock Master once their spaces are packed up to receive clearance to access the dock.
    • Dock passes will be granted at the Tonto Marshaling Yard.
    • Staff at the Tonto Marshaling Yard will give clearance to access the dock when it is available.
  • Street level load-out
    • Street access is only available on 5th St between Monroe St and Washington St (just north of the dock entrances).
    • Exhibitors trying to access the facility for load-out from any other entrance will be directed to the 5th St entrance.
    • The loading zone is small and only available for 30 minutes at a time. Vehicles parked in this area are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
    • No two or four wheeled carts or dollies will be allowed in the passenger elevators or front of house. Suitcases are the only acceptable wheeled transport for items.
    • Exhibitors will not have access to the freight elevators.
Tonto Marshaling Yard Map

Tonto Marshaling Yard - 1102 East Tonto St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Once an exhibitor has received clearance and a dock pass, they may head to the dock. Please follow the below map. Exhibitors MUST line up on 5th St first before they can access the dock. Any Exhibitor trying to access the dock from Washington will be redirected to the Tonto Marshaling Yard.

Exhibitor Check-In & Credentials


  • All exhibitor check-in must be completed by Thursday, May 24, at 2:00 pm.
  • Exhibitor check-in will be available at the Exhibitor Manager’s Booth in Hall 4 on the Lower Level.
  • Once an Exhibitor has checked in, they will need to remove their vehicle from the dock before they setup.

Late Check-in

If you are not able to check in by Thursday, May 24 at 2:00 pm, reach out to the Operations Manager, Kellie Ambrosia. Late check-ins need prior approved or you will be turned away.

Exhibitor Credentials

  • Exhibitors receive three (3) credentials per space they have purchased (Example: An exhibitor purchased three (3) spaces (booth or table), they will receive nine (9) exhibitor credentials).
  • Exhibitors may purchase up to three (3) additional credentials for $65 each plus taxes and fees (this is per exhibitor, not per space).
  • Additional credentials will be available for purchase on-site during check-in with cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).
  • Exhibitor Credentials are like Full Event Credentials, but the Exhibitor Credentials allow early and late access to the halls.

Exhibitor Space Information & Policies

General Information

  • Use common sense, be courteous, respectful and, most of all, have fun!
  • Licensed music is not allowed at any time without prior authorization of the convention.
  • All setup including tables, chairs, hanging displays, gridwall, stanchions, etc., must be within the allotted space. No encroaching on neighbors or aisle spaces.

Exhibitor Booths

  • 10ft x 10ft, come with one 8ft skirted table, two chairs, three exhibitor credentials, pallet service and a sign with business name.
  • Height of setups are limited to 12ft unless prior approval is granted.

Artist Alley Tables

  • 6ft x 8ft, come with one 6ft skirted table, two chairs, three exhibitor credentials, and a sign with their business name.
  • Height of setups are limited to 8ft unless prior approval is granted.
  • Exhibitors on corners must leave a 36” walkaway available into the space.


Restocking & Dock Access

Restocking & Dock Access

  • Exhibitors may access the docks from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with their exhibitor credential.
  • At 9:00 am, the large dock doors will be closed, and all vehicles will need to be removed from the dock in preparation of the Halls opening at 9:30am for VIPs.
  • Exhibitors may not access the dock once the halls are open without prior approval from the Operations Manager, Kellie Ambrosia. Approval must be granted BEFORE the exhibitor goes to the dock as security will turn them away without approval.
Exhibitor Access & Security Information

Exhibitor Access & Security Information

  • Early access to Exhibitor Halls
    • Starting at 9:00 am - Thursday
    • Starting at 8:00 am - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Late access to Exhibitor Halls
    • Until 9:00 pm - Thursday
    • Until 8:00 pm - Friday, Saturday
  • Early and late access to the hall requires an Exhibitor Credential. Those without an Exhibitor Credential will not be allowed into the halls or allowed to stay in the halls.
  • Exhibitors may access the facility, on foot, through the specialty credential entrance off 5th St between Monroe St. and Washington St (just north of the dock entrance).
    • Exhibitor may access the facility through any of the access points as long as they are not carrying merchandise or boxed items. If exhibitors are carrying merchandise for restocking or boxed items, exhibitors will need to use 5th St speciality credential entrance to access the facility.
    • Exhibitors and their items are subject to search on entry to the facility.
    • Items that are large or require a cart to be moved need to be brought in through the dock. They will be subject to search.
    • Exhibitors will not have access to the freight elevators.

Overnight Parking

  • Overnight parking is not permitted at the convention center parking garages or on the docks.

Oversized Parking

  • Information coming soon

Discounted Parking

  • Information coming soon
Tax Information

The State of Arizona requires anyone who is selling merchandise (either re-sale or original creations) or a service (Autographs, Photo’s, Selfies, Etc.) to obtain temporary sales permits for the collection of sales tax. Phoenix Comicon has no role in this process, other than to provide links to the web pages for the convenience of our exhibitors. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the State Department of Revenue. Tax inspectors will be on site during load-in to verify exhibitors have completed the necessary tax and business licensing requirements, to expedite your time during load in please have all forms submitted at least two weeks prior to the show.

In coordination with AZDOR, the City of Phoenix is encouraging the transition for businesses currently reporting to Phoenix for their business activity ahead of the anticipated State deadline. In order to ensure that your business activity is reported accurately and completely at AZDOR, you may begin applying for new TPT Licenses, and filing and reporting your Transaction Privilege Tax liability due to the City of Phoenix with the Arizona Department of Revenue on your next TPT return due to AZDOR.

What’s new in TPT - Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Simplification?

  • New TPT Applications: Effective October 1st, Phoenix will no longer accept new TPT applications. You must apply for a TPT license directly with the Arizona Department of Revenue.
  • TPT License Renewals: The Arizona Department of Revenue will process all TPT license renewals for all jurisdictions this fall. Businesses will receive one renewal notice per license from the State regardless of where the business is located. Please visit the Arizona Department of Revenue’s web page and your renewal notice in November/December for more information. See our Transition to ADOR bulletin for specific information related to Phoenix TPT licenses.
  • Centralized Licensing and Reporting: Beginning with your January 2017 TPT return filed in February 2017, the Arizona Department of Revenue will be the single point of administration and collection of state, county and municipal transaction privilege tax. Taxpayers will be able to file and pay for all jurisdictions to the State. This means that if you currently report to Phoenix, your last return filed with Phoenix will be your December 2016 return filed in January 2017. We strongly encourage taxpayers to file online via the State of Arizona website for faster processing.
Additional Policies & Information

Contact the Operations Manager BEFORE the convention if you want to do any of the following:

  • Promote/Advertise another event or convention in your exhibitor space.
  • Sell beverages or food in your exhibitor space.
  • Have a vehicle in your space.
  • Will be hosting a signing or raffle.
  • Have any questions about the convention and your participation in our event.
  • Play licensed music.


  • Display vehicles will be allowed, pending approval by show and facility staff.
  • Specific requirements are needed, please reach out to Operations Manager for more information.

Adult Content

  • Information coming soon

Facility Policies

  • Signs, etc. may be attached to the pipe and drape, but must be attached with approved devices and shall not exceed 20 lbs. Please see CSI etc. for details.
  • Only service and assistance animals are permitted in the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Helium balloons are not permitted in the building.
  • Coolers and outside food/drink is not allowed in the Phoenix Convention Center.

Visit the Phoenix Comic Fest website for a complete listing of Phoenix Comic Fest Policies.

Fire Marshal Inspections

Before the doors open to the public each day, a final fire department walk through is conducted. This walk through is conducted to ensure all safety and fire codes are met. Any issues found will have to be corrected before the public is allowed in. Don’t be the one to cause this delay. Please follow these tips to ensure you are not. Some common fire code issues that we encounter during our walk through are listed below:

  • You may have only a one day supply of combustibles (handouts, giveaways, etc.) within your booth.
  • No empty boxes are allowed anywhere in the booth.
  • No combustibles may be stored behind the booth. We do allow the hard plastic carry case for the booth display behind the booth.
  • The only electrical extension cords allowed are grounded. You cannot daisy-chain power strips together. No zip cords allowed.
  • All exhibit / display construction, DECORATION MATERIAL, and drape must be flame retardant. Oil cloth, tar paper, nylon, plastic cloth, and certain other plastic materials that cannot be rendered flame retardant, through spray or dip application, are prohibited.
  • Please have the material’s fire resistant documentation available prior to the show opening, i.e. flame certificate from manufacturer, tag on material, or the product used to treat material – all indicating that the product meets NFPA 701 requirements.
  • Pop up tents and canopies require prior approval by the Fire Marshal.
  • No plastic tablecloths or decorations are allowed.
  • All items must be within the boundaries of the individual booths. Aisles must be maintained at the minimum width designated.
  • No candles or open flames are allowed in the building.


General Requirements:

  • ALL EXHIBIT/DISPLAY CONSTRUCTION, DECORATION MATERIAL, AND DRAPE must be flame retardant. Oil cloth, tar paper, nylon, plastic cloth, and certain other plastic materials that cannot be rendered flame retardant, through spray or dip application, are prohibited. Vertical carpet is also prohibited unless it is flame retardant. Please have the material’s fire resistive documentation available prior to the show opening. If documentation for the material is not available then proof of satisfactory flame retardancy may include a field flame test based on NFPA 701*. This will require the material to have a 1 X 4 inch sample cut. *Please note that the NFPA 701 test is a “destructive test” and the sample could be discolored or destroyed.
  • Plywood less than ¼” in thickness must be flame retardant treated lumber. The product shall not be painted or similarly modified until the material has been inspected and the flame retardant marking/labeling verified.
  • Exits and aisles must be clear of all obstructions. This includes chairs, tables, product, trailer tongues, displays, etc. At no time shall a fire alarm horn/strobe be blocked or covered.


Common Questions

Q: Can I have chairs at the front of my booth?
A: You may have chairs at the front of the booth provided they are still inside the booth when occupied. This may require the table(s) they are located at to be farther inside the booth. A minimum three (3) foot clearance shall be provided around all fire extinguishers*, fire hose cabinets, standpipe connections, automatic external defibrillators, and fire alarm pull stations. These devices shall also be clearly accessible and visible from the aisles. NOTE: If fire extinguishers are obstructed, the client is responsible for providing a fully operational 2A-10BC fire extinguisher in a visible, accessible location.

Q: Can I just move the blocked extinguishers out of the cabinet?
A: No. The building’s fire extinguishers shall not be removed from the cabinets. You or the general service contractor/decorator will need to provide one. Combustible materials such as pamphlets and other paper products shall be limited to a one (1) day supply and maintained in an orderly fashion inside the booth. No storage is allowed behind the booths. Registration area will also be limited in storage amounts.

Q: Where can I store these items?
A: You can make arrangements to have the general service contractor/decorator provide storage on the dock or other approved space. Combustible containers such as wood crates and empty cardboard boxes shall be stored outside of the exhibit space or inside an approved storage area. General service contractors/decorators can provide storage options. Operational single station smoke detectors shall be provided in all enclosed exhibits and vehicles exceeding 120 square feet (i.e. recreational vehicles, mobile homes, tents, semi trailers, etc.). Covered exhibits and booths exceeding 300 square feet shall obtain prior approval and comply with additional automatic sprinkler protection requirements. Booths which require more than 50 feet travel distance to an exit aisle shall be provided with a minimum to two (2) exits remote from each other.

Q: When does this apply?
A: Some show floors will have a large bulk booth with drape around it like a book store or merchandise shop. If additional exits are required they will be noted on the approved plan. Any structure designed with a second level intended to be occupied shall submit plans stamped by a licensed structural engineer prior to move in. These booths shall be reviewed and approved by the Phoenix Fire Department and, if applicable, the Building Safety Department prior to setup in the facility. Two story booths with only one means of egress from the upper level shall have a posted maximum occupant load of ten (10) persons on the second level. Exit signs shall be visible from all locations. If exit signs are not visible, temporary exit signs shall be posted as approved by the Fire Marshal. If the space’s lighting is at a low enough level in which the temporary exit sign(s) are not visible, then internal or external illuminated signs shall be used. Aisles in an exhibition or tradeshow shall be a minimum ten (10) feet wide. NOTE: This width may be increased based upon the show type and setup. Vehicles, freight, storage, or other items shall not be stored or left in the path of the roll-up or sliding doors. At no time shall doors be obstructed from self-closing.

Liquid and Gas Fueled Vehicles and Equipment for Display

Q: Who inspects the vehicle?
A: The in-house security company providing the event security will inspect the vehicles. Two inspections will be conducted. The fuel will be check prior to entry to the exhibit hall and another will be conducted once the vehicle is set in the booth with the fuel cap and battery secured. All fuel tank fill caps shall be self locking or taped in an approved manner to prevent tampering. Fuel in the fuel tanks shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or five (5) U.S. gallons (18.9L), whichever is less.

Q: What about Semi trucks?
A: We understand that Semi trucks cannot operate with 5 gallons or less of fuel down or up the ramps to the exhibit halls. Therefore, if the Semi’s tractor is on display it shall have the smallest amount of fuel in its tank to make it into the exhibit space. Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled on City of Phoenix property. The battery’s positive post must be disconnected. If approved by the Fire Marshal, batteries used to power auxiliary equipment may be permitted to be kept in service.

Q: What if I would like to display the vehicle’s sound or electronics?
A: The in-house electrical company can provide shore power to the vehicle. The exhibitor will need to provide an inverter.
CNG, LNG, LPG (propane) and hydrogen fuel tanks shall have their emergency shut off valve(s) in the closed position.
RV’s, campers, tractor trailers, and other vehicles with more than 120 square feet of ceiling shall have an operational smoke detector per divided section. It may be necessary to inspect, move or relocate a vehicle before a show. For this reason, it is recommended that a set of keys be available on site for all vehicles. Fuel storage shall be located outdoors in approved cabinets at a location approved by the Fire Marshal.

Cooking and Warming Devices

All cooking and warming devices shall be approved by the Fire Marshal. All cooking and warming devices shall be listed by a recognized testing laboratory, i.e. UL or FM. Open flame cooking devices shall be isolated from the public by placing the devices a minimum 48 inches from the public accessible area or provide a three (3) sided non-combustible barrier between the public and the device(s).

Q: Does this mean an exhibitor cannot cook in the booth next to an aisle?

A: No. Exhibitors can cook in the booths provided the distance or barrier requirement above is met. This will require the cooking to be done at the rear of the booth or at the front with a barrier as stated above. Individual cooking or warming devices shall not exceed 288 square inches of cooking surface. The table surface holding the cooking or warming device using combustible oils or solids must be made of a non-combustible material.

Q: Does this mean the table needs to be metal?

A: No. The table’s surface needs to be non-combustible. This could be a wooden table with a metal sheet or buffet pan beneath the cooking device. A minimum of two (2) feet shall be provided between devices. Combustible materials (including booth drape) shall be maintained a minimum two (2) feet from cooking and warming devices. An approved 20BC rated dry chemical fire extinguisher shall be provided within 30 feet of deep fat fryers using animal based oil. A wet chemical type “K” fire extinguisher shall be located within 30 feet of any cooking device that utilizes vegetable based oil. Butane burners are allowed provided that the following are met: The cylinder(s) and appliances shall be listed. Appliances shall not have more than two (2) 10 ounce (296 ml) non-refillable butane gas cylinders, each have a maximum capacity of 1.08 lb (.490 kg). Cylinders shall be connected directly to the appliance and shall not be manifolded. Cylinders shall not be in the building after show hours. Additional replacement and empty cylinders shall be stored outside the building. A noncombustible lid shall be immediately available and shall be of a sufficient size to cover the devices cooking well.


  • Non-grounded two (2) wire 110v extension cords are NOT permitted. Most of theses cords are only listed for residential use.
  • Extension cords shall not run under carpet or rugs unless designed to do so, or if it is approved by the in-house electricians.
  • There shall be a two (2) foot clearance between halogen or other high intensity lights and combustibles or per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Halogen and other high intensity lighting shall have the original factory guards in place over the lens/glass.
  • All electrical cords, devices and equipment shall be free from defects and operated per their manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All electric cords in the path of travel shall be taped down to prevent tripping.
  • All electric devices shall be listed by a nationally recognized laboratory, i.e., UL / FM.
  • Placement of cables along floors, aisle ways, doorways or other areas that can create a trip hazard or prohibit accessibility is prohibited.
  • If cords do not exceed a #2 pencil size they may be taped down. The tape shall cover the cord in a parallel direction.


Hazardous Material

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required to be onsite and accessible for all approved hazardous materials brought into the facility. ALL hazardous materials shall be approved by the Phoenix Fire Department and the Phoenix Convention Center prior to being brought into the facility.

The following hazardous materials are PROHIBITED:

  • LPG cylinders in excess of 2.5 pounds (1 kg) water capacity.
  • Flammable compressed gases, such as acetylene.
  • Flammable liquids, including but not limited to, gasoline, kerosene, cleaning solvents, thinners and other petroleum-based liquids except those allowed in section LIQUID AND GAS FUELED VEHICLES.
  • Pool chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, poisons, and other such products.
  • Explosive materials, unless approved by the Fire Marshal, such as pyrotechnic materials.
  • Cryogenics (i.e. liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen), unless approved by the Fire Marshal


Open Flame Devices

Open flame devices are PROHIBITED with the exception of the following:

  • Cooking or warming devices in compliance with the COOKING AND WARMING DEVICES section.
  • Sterno may be used for warming trays with an operational, visible and accessible 2A-10BC fire extinguisher within 30 feet.
  • Candles that have been pre-approved by the Fire Marshal and Phoenix Convention Center.


Fire Watch

A fire watch, in accordance with the Phoenix Fire Code, shall be in place during the following conditions:

  • Any time fog, smoke or haze is used.
  • Any time pyrotechnic effects are used.
  • The fire alarm is in a modified mode.
  • When the Phoenix Fire Department and/or the Phoenix Convention Center determine the hazards associated with an operation or event warrants.


Show Service Providers

On Site Decorator

Phoenix Office

4802 W. Van Buren St.

Phoenix, AZ 85043

TF#: (800) 471-7330

PH#: (602) 923-0011

FX#: (602) 923-0044

CSI Exhibitor Packet

Information coming soon

Smart City Internet

Smarty City

5795 W. Badura Ave, Suite 110

Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

PH#: (888) 446-6911

FX#: (702) 943-6001

Email: csr@smartcity.com

Smart City is the exclusive provider and installer of all Voice, Data and Network services (wired and wireless) including communications cabling. This includes all cabling to meeting rooms, booths, within booths (under carpet and flooring), fiber optic, twisted pair (Category 3, 5 and 6), coaxial and all other data and telecommunications related cabling.

Information coming soon

Commonwealth Electric

Commonwealth Electric Company

100 North 3rd Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004

PH#: (602) 253-5881

FX#: (602) 253-5530

Email: expo@commonwealthelectric.com

Commonwealth Electric is the sole provider of Electrical services.

Information coming soon

Aventura Catering

Aventura Catering

100 North 3rd Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004

PH#: (602) 534-8600

FX#: (602) 534-8603

Email: Sandy Brown

Please be advised that all food and beverage items served within the Phoenix Convention Center must be prepared and presented by Aventura Catering. This includes requests for exhibitor amenities such as bottled water, hard candies, etc. Local health code regulations prohibit guests from removing remaining food and beverages from the Phoenix Convention Center.

Information coming soon


Operations Manager
Kellie Ambrosia
(602) 635-4306 x1012

Directors of Operations
Lee Palmer
(602) 635-4306 x1002

Jen Palmer
(602) 635-4306 x1003