2018 Exclusives Rules And Submission Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

  • Exclusives should be unique to Phoenix Comic Fest and unavailable at any other convention.
  • Deadline for submissions is  11:59 PM, Friday, April 15, 2018 (Sending your submission early means more promotion time on our website)
  • Art submitted must be original work or a license you own. (Licensed characters must be submitted with a copy of your licensing agreement)
  • NO submissions will be accepted after the deadline has passed.
  • A limited number of exclusives will be approved for Phoenix Comic Fest 2018. (Apply early!)
  • Submission deadline may be changed when max number of approved exclusives is reached.
  • Submissions will be juried by staffers of Phoenix Comic Fest and approved or declined within 3 business days of receipt. The use of profanity, graphic nudity, hate symbols/speech, or other offensive material will not be accepted. (Scantily clad subjects and/or nudity MAY be accepted at our discretion but censor bars may be applied for all-ages viewing on the website)
  • Approved exclusives will be posted on the Phoenix Comic Fest website.
  • By submitting your exclusive, you agree to allow Phoenix Comic Fest to use your artwork for promotion on social media, the Phoenix Comic Fest website, or other promotional outlet at the discretion of Phoenix Comic Fest staff with no compensation owed to the artist for such promotion.

Submission Process

Send an email to exclusives@square-egg.com with the following:

  • Subject: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Exclusive Submission
  • Full Name
  • Booth/Exhibitor Name
  • Contact Information
  • Title of submission
  • PDF, JPG, or TIFF (max 20mb) of your exclusive
  • Copy of license agreement if applicable

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