Iron Cosplay

Construct a new and original costume, using random items from the Phoenix Comic Fest Secret Costuming Lair (aka the PCF warehouse), in this wacky, fast paced, costuming competition.

Cosplay Fashion Show

Our all-ages Cosplay Fashion Show is back by popular demand! Bring your favorite cosplay and show how savvy your slink is. Homemade, store-bought, or professionally coutured… this show is all about the costume!

Ultimate Cosplay Karaoke Lounge

Take to the karaoke stage as your favorite characters to sing and serenade you, or get on stage and belt out your favorite songs alongside them. And, for the truly bold, talk to our hosts about entering the Cosplay Karaoke Contest that kicks off at 9 PM!

Masquerade Costume Contest (SIGNATURE EVENT)

Fantastically talented costume creators show off their most amazing work on the big stage. See some of the best cosplayers of the convention at this, always anticipated, annual event.

EVA Magic - An Introduction to Foam Crafting

Find out the basics of where to start when it comes to crafting EVA foam into amazing costume pieces. Learn which tools you’ll need from our crafting artists to begin your costuming journey.

Costuming for a Cause

What do Stormtroopers, Superheroes and Princesses have in common? From hospital visits to charity walks, costuming groups have done their part to raise awareness for several causes. Meet the various costuming groups and hear about the causes they strive to bring awareness to.

Capturing the Action - Cosplay Photography

Ever wondered how photographers are able to capture such amazing action or dramatic shots of cosplayers? Do you want to learn the basics of creating dynamic & engaging imagery? Sit in with our local cosplay photographers to learn the ins and outs from behind the camera.

Body Positivity in Cosplay

Cosplay is for everyone! Whether you’re thick or thin, tall or short, or somewhere in between, we have tips and tricks on dressing for, and loving, your body in cosplay. We cover everything from tweaking costume designs for your body type to dealing with the haters.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.