Disney Divas Wanted! A Disney Sing-A-Long

Does your playlist consist solely of songs form Disney movies? Do you find yourself belting out the Moana soundtrack in the shower? Well, “You’re Welcome,” because we’ll be singing some of your favorite old and new Disney songs. Get ready to get your Disney Diva on!

Do You Know Your Disney Princesses? A Kahoot! Trivia Game

Use your own handheld device to select your answers in this fast paced Disney Princesses Trivia Game. See the results in real time, as we seek to crown a new heir to the trivia throne.

Damsels Saving Themselves - Disney Princesses

We all remember when Mulan found her inner warrior, but what about all those other princesses who kick butt and take names? Let’s take some time to show our respect to all those princesses that are more than capable of saving themselves.

Dancing with the Disney Princess Stars

Ever wished you could dance upon a dream or at least knew how to dance? Come and learn to grace the dance floor with our Disney Royalty as they teach you the basic steps to wisk your own Prince or Princess off their feet.

Disney Takes Over the Universe

So what does it mean for Disney to take over Fox Studios? Will we see a decent Fantastic Four movie or will Aliens become a G Rated animated cartoon? Speculate the possibilities with our superfans!

What about the Disney Princes?

Why do the Disney Princesses get all the attention? What about the Princes their own hardships? Learn some starting endings for those destined for a happily ever after.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.