Ummm, Actually: Fantasy

The only thing a true geek loves more than knowing more than you is TELLING you they know more than you. Join our distinguished panel of “experts” as they read off incorrect trivia tidbits, only to be corrected by the audience. But, you only get points if you start off your corrections with the words “Ummmm Actually…” in true geeky fashion (extra points if you really ham it up).

Dwarven Survival - the Hobbit Trivia Game

Was Smaug always a dragon? How many dwarven kingdoms are there? Why was Lonely Mountain called Lonely Mountain? Test your Tolkein Knowledge against the fans to win untold glory!

Family Feud - Tolkein Edition

“Top ten answers are on the board. Name a distinguishing physical feature of a Hobbit!” Test your LOTR/The Hobbit knowledge in this good for all ages game of Family Feud.

Damsels Saving Themselves - Disney Princess

We all remember when Mulan found her inner warrior, but what about all those other princesses who kick butt and take names? Let’s take some time to show our respect to all those princesses that are more than capable of saving themselves.

Hagrid’s Mad Affection for Monsters

Explore Hagrid’s own copy of the Monsterous Book of Monsters with our trained experts in the care of magical creatures. Caution though, sometimes these pages sting and footnotes kick back!

Drawing Dragons

Here thar be dragons with James Owens! Meet the author himself as he discusses his books and show you how to create fantastic dragons on your own!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.