Ice Dragons and Season 7 - What’s Going on with Game of Thrones?

From frozen armies, undead ice dragons and startling revelations - what is Season 7 going to have in store for us. Join our group of super fans as they break down the chain of events and where it may lead in the upcoming season of this popular HBO show!

The Dating Game of Thrones

Looking to be swept off your feet or drenched in the blood of your enemies for a first date? Give Westeros’ most eligible bachelors & bachelorettes a chance to woo you in this hilarious take on the dating game.

Game of Thrones: Sexuality in Modern Fantasy (18+)

Gender roles, power, freedom, male and female sexuality, and expectations have been a driving force in the world of George RR Martin. Find out why and how sexuality in both the book & television series differs from other fantasy authors.

A Bestiary of Ice and Fire

Dire Wolves, White Walkers, and Dragons - Oh My! Explore the creatures of the North and the lands beyond with our superfans and how each lends a bit of danger to the Game of Thrones world!

Drink and Know Things: Understanding Game of Thrones

Are you a feeling fuzzy about the details of inter-house relationships? Wondering why Danaerys can control dragons, or how the Greyjoys amassed so much power so quickly? We’ll go into detail on topics glossed over in the show. Show watcher and casual reader friendly.

Hot & Cold Transitions - Game of Thrones from Novel to Television

So wait - they are dead and this character is alive? Find out the highs and lows of your favorite characters from the novels and how they have changed in the television series.

The Real Life Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is a story filled with horror, executions, and murder - but luckily its just fiction right? Find out which events happened in history and which were really fiction, we hope!

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