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10:30AM - 4:30PM

All Bards - D&D panel

Authors get together to play D&D, all as Bards. They can’t fight their way out of anything. Instead, they must lie, trick, and charm their way out of encounters.

Bringing Your Tabletop Game to Life

How to create a game, including all the stages of brainstorming, prototyping, organizing the artwork and layout, testing, alpha and beta stages, and what to do when its ready. Self-publish, co-publish, or sell to a publisher? From your head to the public, we share how to bring your game to life.

WoW! What a Success!

Goblins! Night Elves! Pandarens? What’s the secret that keeps the World of Warcraft’s online world of magic and strategy still rolling forward?

Jobs in the Tabletop Gaming Industry

It takes a team to create a game. Find out how game development could be right for you. Designers, artists, demo teams, publishers and many other people make games a success.

Kickstarter & Tabletop Games

Learn how KS has impacted the recent boardgame revolution and made being a game designer possible for any person. Crowdfunding, especially KS, removes the gatekeepers to the industry. We will also review how it works, success rates, and whether or not a Kickstarter is right for you.

Streaming and Tabletop Gaming

Ever wanted to stream your board or role-playing games online, sharing all your critical successes… and fails? We’ll discuss streaming generally, as well as logistical issues and unique challenges that only tabletop streamers face.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.