Harry Potter Panels & Events

Quidditch House Cup Challenge

In collaboration with ASU Quidditch Team - prepare for some serious competition as house teams gather for the 2018 Quidditch Championships! So grab a front row seat to watch them be quick with the Quaffle, dodge those Bludgers, and claim certain victory with the capture of The Golden Snitch!

Harry Potter Quizzitch show

Do you know the name of the invisible creature that pulls the wagons at Hogwarts? Do you know a Dementor’s weakness? Time to put that knowledge to the test, against other super fans, and become the Quizzitch Champion!

Expanding the World of Harry Potter

With the introduction of Fantastic Beast and its sequel as well the Cursed Child & Unpublished works - the world of J.K. Rowlings has been expanding to even greater proportions.

So You Think You’re Magical - Hogwarts Edition

Do you think you have the makings of an amazing wizard or witch. Does your heart run with the cunning of Slytherin or the courage of Gryffindor? Well now is your chance to prove your greatness in this take off of the Dating Game!

Hogwarts Quidditch Championship

In collaboration with ASU Quidditch Team - prepare for some serious competition as house teams gather for the 2018 Quidditch Championships!

Why I Hated Harry Potter! Movies vs. Books

Well, you did not hate movie completely, but you may have been sorely put out. Time to look at the big picture and explore the changes from novel to film.

Send in the Dementors! The Best & Worst Potter Deaths

The death of heroes and villains is nothing new to fiction, but its when your favorites are taken away “too soon” that it really gets you. Explore the best and worst character deaths in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts 2!

The first Fantastic Beasts opened up a whole new part of the world for us. The sequel is set to bring even more history to the table. Learn what our superfans have gathered about this latest offering and its future!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.