Tuning into Channel Zero & Creepy Pasta

Channel Zero and YouTube have taken the Creepy Pasta genre to the next level, but there are lot’s of options when it comes to getting your daily doses of spooky stories.

Urban Legends & Other Spooky Things

Are you ready for more “interesting” and freaky bits from the Grand Canyon State & the Internet? Let’s take a walk through Arizona’s creepy crawly stories of the unknown, from goose-bump raising tales to sightings of unknown creatures!

Hollywood Horror - The Classics vs. The Remakes

Horror fans unite! Come together and share your love for the genre as we discuss The Classics, The Remakes, and everything in between.

Spoof and Cinema Mashup: Supernatural

National Comedy Theater is back with and all new Supernatural spoof!

Stranger Things: Tales from the Upside Down

Catch up with all the odd occurrences happening in Hawkins, Indiana! Favorite episodes, head-scratching events, and a few teary moments are all fair game in this Season One and Two recap.

Winchester Bros - Fantastic Beasts and How to Kill Them

Hunting monsters is a family affair…and the family business. Take a look back at some of the more memorable beasts, dispatched by Sam and Dean, with our own honorary monster hunters.

Frankenstein’s 200th Birthday: The Historical Significance of the Monster’s Story and What Makes it Timeless.

200 is a lot of birthday candles…especially if you’re a monster that is not fond of fire. Join our resident monster experts for a discussion on why this story of a doctor and his creation still speaks to us, two centuries later.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.