KPOP Dance Battle!

Heeere comes trouble! Time to show that you know the steps & moves in the K-Pop Dance Battle! Join in to step & Move with others as we play the choruses of your favorite K-Pop songs.

Whose Line is it Anime?

A Con-going anime and video game twist on the classic improv show “Whose Line”. Laugh your butt off with all the Con related antics this group has to offer.

Superhero Fantasy Draft

Draft your team…then let the fun begin, as they battle it out in this, no holds barred, contest for superhero manager superiority.

A Short Cut to the Iron Throne - A Game of Thrones Adventure

We know the path Daenerys Targaryen took to get a crack at the Iron Throne, but what if there was another exiled noble with a claim to the throne? Dive into the saddle and become part of a new adventure where that can lead to untold glory, war or the executioner’s block.

Harry Potter House Cup Challenge

Wizards and Witches - time to grab your wands, don your House colors, and prove that your House is #1!

Name that Tune - Video Game Edition

Everyone knows the theme song to Super Mario Brothers - but do remember the Legend of Zelda? What about Sonic the Hedgehog? Time to put those ears to the test!

Social Set Dancing

Learn to dance like the characters in “Cinderella,” “Firefly,” and “Pride and Prejudice.” A social event for geeks of all ages, where everyone is invited to learn some English and Irish community set dances. No experience or partner is necessary. Just come, have fun, and be ready to have a ball!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.