Take A Wakanda Wild Side

A look at the mixture of the highly technologically-developed society that remains very connected to the natural world.

Women of Wakanda

The Black Panther film features many powerful women of color. We’ll talk about the importance of gender and the impact of female characters in The Black Panther and in other films.

Vibranium- The Miracle Metal of Black Panther

Explore the science of how Vibranium compares to real-world materials. Does anything like Vibranium really exist? What could we do with it if it did?

The History of Diversity in Superheroes

Black Panther is the latest in a long line of diverse heroes. We’ll explore the history of diversity and superheroes across comics, films, and TV.

Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay Dance Off

Think you have the moves to be in tune with the soulful songs of the 70s? Ever picture yourself doing the Moonwalk on the Moon? Then it’s time for the dance-off, bro! Be the next Star-Lord on the dance floor in this dance-off competition.

From the 31st to the 21st Century - The Guardians of the Galaxy in Comics

From Vance Astro, Charlie-27 to Rocket & Groot — the Guardians of the Galaxy have gone through many changes over the years. Find out origins of the team all the way up to Star-Lord taking the lead on the galaxy’s most amazing team!

Hunt for the Infinity Stone

Infinite power — and maybe a prize — await those who find the lost Infinity Stones scattered across the Phoenix Comic Fest Universe.

I Am Groot Movie Charades

Little known fact: Groot loves Charades! Can you solve the movie puzzles in this family-friendly game where the only spoken clue is “I am Groot?”

Yondu Poppins

Our favorite ravager, Yondu, has managed to beam himself back to 1910 where he finds work as a nanny? It could happen, right? Join Phoenix Comic Fest storytellers in crafting the tale of the most magical babysitter in the galaxy.

Infinity War Beatdown

Marvel is full of powerful superheroes; but which one is the best? Is it Thanos? Or could Dr. Strange win the epic showdown? Come defend your favorite superhero and debate who would win the war.

Marvel vs. DC: Rebooting Universes

Explore how both comic giants have evolved over the years. Have they handled continuity well? Share your thoughts on how they’ve developed their characters in the universe.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.