The Roast of Captain Kirk

Set - Phasers - to - HILARIOUS! See Captain James T. Kirk get his comeuppance from his somewhat salty crew of Starfleet Officers. Laugh and cringe as Jim finally gets the Vulcan ribbing he deserves!

More than a TV Show - The World of Star Trek

What started as a western with a space backdrop has become one of the most influential television series of all time. Join our superfans as they explore the comic books, animated shows, and novels of this amazing franchise.

Boldly Going Beyond the Original Star Trek

While the original Star Trek has been off the air for many years, it set the bar when it comes to science fiction television. Shows like Orville and movies like Galaxy Quest prove the fascination with science and exploration is alive and well. Join in to explore how the original series influenced so many TV shows and movies!

Ferengi for $500 - Star Trek Jeopardy!

Can you name the actress who played the Orion Vina? Do you know what Harry Mudd’s middle name is? Can you remember to answer everything in the form of a question? Time to challenge your intellect and wit as you face off against other superfans in the challenge where no fan has gone before.

So You Want to Join Starfleet - Star Trek Edition

Do you see yourself as the brainy type or the kind of person who runs toward danger? Do you want to seek out new life and new civilizations? Then its time to try your hand in joining Star Fleet and put your best foot forward in this take off of the dating game!

Phasers Set to Fun - The Ultimate Star Trek Trivia

Prepare for the ultimate Red Shirt Edition Star Trek Trivia. Test the wit and cunning of your ‘away team’ against other teams in this perilously funny trivia game. Remember - each wrong answer eliminates a party member so try to make Star Fleet proud!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.