Phoenix Comic Fest Interviews Alexandra Monir


Alexandra Monir, author of recently released THE FINAL SIX and the TIMELESS series, shared some great insight with us about her experiences as a songwriter and storyteller, details over her newest book, and shared her excitement about The Final Six being optioned by Sony Pictures! Catch Alexandra at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 this May 24-27, 2018 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

1. We’re very excited to have you attending Phoenix Comic Fest this year! What are you looking forward to seeing or doing at the event?
I can’t wait!! I’m especially looking forward to the author panels I get to be a part of. To discuss books and writing with authors like Christopher Paolini, Romina Russell, and Chuck Wendig is just the coolest!


2. While our attendees may know you as an author, they might not know that you’re also a singer/songwriter! How long have you been singing and writing songs?
Yes! I’ve been writing and recording music since I was 14, after a high-school breakup spurred me on to write my first song. 🙂 A little over two years later, I was on the road opening for O-Town, a major boy band at the time. It was wild!


3. Do you have any albums and where can we find them?
I actually wrote and recorded a few songs as a tie-in with my first book series, TIMELESS, and you can find those songs on iTunes and Spotify.


4. What made you want to become a writer?
I’ve been a voracious reader since before I could even actually read! My favorite pastime when I was little was flipping through books and making up my own stories to accompany the pictures- so writing was the most natural fit.


5. What is your writing process like for books vs. your songs?
It couldn’t be more different! Songs are very quick for me to write- my best songs are written in 30 minutes or less. But with books, it’s just the opposite. I’ll spend hours upon hours brainstorming the plot and characters and writing out a synopsis, then a detailed outline, then a manuscript, then revising the book with my editor- the whole process takes at least a year. So it’s a huge difference in the time involved, but both are what make me a storyteller. 🙂


6. You’ve published five books so far, with your most recent just released in March called The Final Six. For our attendees, can you tell us a little about your newest book?
The Final Six takes place in the near-future, after Earth is largely destroyed and underwater from global warming. With the future of the human race at stake, the United Nations and the international space agencies band together to send a crew of six astronauts to create a new human settlement on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. It’s a mission that requires the young—so the space agencies handpick twenty-four teen finalists from around the globe, to train and compete for one of the six spots on the mission. But getting chosen will mean leaving Earth and everyone on it forever–and entering a new world with its own unique dangers.


7. What was the inspiration for The Final Six?
I was listening to a radio interview with an aspiring astronaut, who was applying to be a candidate for an experimental mission to colonize Mars, when suddenly an idea hit me: what if the conditions on Earth were to make this type of quest no longer voluntary—but an urgent, government-mandated mission, complete with a military-style draft? And what if those believed to have the highest odds of surviving this mission, and remaining fertile by the time the new planet is terraformed and ready for colonization, are the teenagers? Once the premise came to me, I was off and running!


8. I’ve also read that this book has already been optioned by Sony Pictures! What was it like for you to have a book optioned so quickly?
It’s really been the biggest thrill! I’ll never forget the moment when my manager texted me to say Sony was making an offer, and then when the announcement hit Deadline and Variety- wow! That was like literally seeing my dreams come true with my own eyes. 🙂 HarperCollins pre-empted the book rights that same week, and it was truly one of the best weeks of my life!


9. Are there any new or future projects you’re excited to share with us today?
I’m currently working on the sequel to The Final Six!! And I’m so excited about it!


10. Where can our attendees find you online?
Twitter: @TimelessAlex
Instagram: @alexandramonir
Facebook: @AlexandraMonirAuthor

A special thank you to Alexandra for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us. We are super excited to hear more news about the film adaptation of her book and to get our hands on the sequel to The Final Six. Make sure to pick up her books and say hello to her at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018!