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Alan Davis is an English writer and artist of comic books, known for his work on titles such as Captain BritainThe Uncanny X-MenClanDestineExcaliburJLA: The Nail and JLA: Another Nail.

Davis began his career in comics on an English fanzine. His first professional work was a strip called The Crusader in Frantic Magazine for Dez Skinn’s revamped Marvel UK line.

Davis’s big break was drawing the revamped Captain Britain story in The Mighty World of Marvel. Afterwards, Alan Moore took over writing duties on Captain Britain. He drew 14 issues of the monthly Captain Britain title, which was later reprinted in trade paperback. Davis and Moore formed a close working partnership as creators; they also created D.R. and Quinch for 2000AD. Later, Davis replaced Garry Leach on Marvelman in Warrior and yet again worked with Moore. He also drew the story Harry Twenty on the High Rock in 2000AD.

In 1985 Davis was hired by DC Comics to draw Batman and the Outsiders, written by Mike W. Barr. His work proved popular enough for him to be assigned artistic duties on DC’s flagship title Detective Comics in 1986, again with Barr writing. Davis has also worked on various Marvel titles such as New Mutants, The ClanDestine, Excalibur, and the two-issue crossover miniseries X-Men and The ClanDestine.

In 1991, Davis reunited with writer Barr to draw the sequel to “Year Two”, the one-shot Batman: Full Circle. During much of the 1990s Davis drew many of Marvel and DC Comics major characters and titles, including JLA: The Nail and The Avengers. He was also commissioned to write both main X-Men series in 1999 (providing art for X-Men as well).

Starting in October 2002 he wrote and drew for Marvel’s Killraven, a six-issue miniseries revamping the title character of the 1970s. After a return to Uncanny X-Men, working again with Claremont, Davis wrote and drew a six-issue Fantastic Four: The End limited series for Marvel (not to be confused with a similar one-shot written by Stan Lee and drawn by John Romita Jr). In February 2008, Davis wrote and penciled a five-part ClanDestine miniseries and the one-shot Thor: Truth of History for Marvel.