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Mark Farmer, born 1957 in Birmingham, UK, wanted to be an “artist” from his earliest childhood.  After studying Graphic Design at Leicester Polytechnic in the late 70’s he then worked for three very enjoyable years as a barman in a city centre pub. Getting a lucky break with the chance to illustrate a series of children’s books for Oxford University Press while simultaneously picking up the occasional comic work from 2000AD and Marvel UK, Mark found himself moving towards putting inking finishes on other people’s pencils …. a practice uncommon outside the USA.

Invited to help out Dave Gibbons on the Green Lantern in 1983, Mark has continued to work as an inker for many American comic publishers ever since and has been extremely fortunate to strike up a fruitful and enjoyable partnership with storyteller extraordinaire, Alan Davis. In his ideal world, the Legion of Super Heroes, drawn by Curt Swan, and the Fantastic Four, drawn by Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnott, would be the best selling comic every month of every year and American comic readers would appreciate the validity and quiet beauty of black and white artwork.