Mark Irwin has worked with many of the world’s largest entertainment properties, as an artist, art director, brand manager, and in business development. From Marvel to Disney to Capcom to Nickelodeon to Konami, Mark has close to twenty years experience in the field contributing to the growth of legendary brands. Along with his leadership on development of IP’s, Mark still works with many comic publishers, chiefly Marvel and DC.

Irwin has left his creative mark on hundreds of popular characters, including Batman, Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, Aliens and the Justice League of America. For the past two decades, he has freelanced for big companies, including Marvel, Dark Horse, and DC Comics, while holding day jobs at Upper Deck Entertainment, Wildstorm and Heavy Metal magazine.

Mark is also the creator of the young adult series Jack Secret with Dan Panosian as his illustrator.

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