Moderately Okay Cosplay (John Cerabino) is a cosplayer based out of Orlando, Florida. He makes cosplay from anime, video games, comic books, and more. If you can nerd out over it, he’s probably made something from it!

John began cosplaying in 2012 because he wanted to be a character from League of Legends, but it wasn’t anywhere close to Halloween. A friend of his had introduced him to conventions and cosplay, and since then he’s been hooked. He has made over 50 costumes and has had the opportunity to work with companies like Nintendo by representing their characters to the public.

The name, Moderately Okay Cosplay, matches well with how John describes himself. From his own text, “I am some cosplay guy who’s just an okay cosplayer that does okay cosplay and other things in a moderately okay manner.”

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