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Ben “hbi2k” Creighton is an Arizona native who has been with Team Four Star from the beginning. He moved to Texas in 2016 so that he could physically track down his teammates and force them to get to team meetings on time. Back in the day, he created and completed abridged series based on Berserk, Gantz, and Escaflowne. With Team Four Star, he is best known as the voice of Nail, Farmer With Shotgun, King Cold, and Alexander Anderson, and he also does all kinds of behind-the-scenes admin stuff to make the whole team run smoothly. Well… smoothlier. …He also likes to make up words. And string them together into song lyric form.

Scott “KaiserNeko” Frerichs is a Texas-based, California-native voice actor, graphics designer, and writer. Co-founder of TeamFourStar, he is the director, editor, and co-writer for DragonBall Z Abridged, providing the voices for King Kai, Trunks, Burter, Korin, Yajirobe, Garlic Jr., Zarbon, and various side characters in the series.

He’s also provided voices for several indie video game projects, professional MOBA-games Heroes of Newerth and Smite, Ernest in Gearbox’s competitive first-person shooter Battleborn, as well as anime titles including Hiroshi the Sword in Fairy Tail, Gundam Tanaka in Dangan Ronpa 3: Despair Arc, and various other anime titles!

After being forged in Asgard, Nick “Lanipator” Landis was deemed too powerful to be contained! Thus, he was banished to Earth, where he became an Actor/Entertainer destined to make people laugh and fill them with joy. From an early age, he honed his vocal skill and acting prowess through many a lesson and play. He would go on to be better known as one of the co-creators co-writers and co-stars of Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged (In which he plays Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Shenron, Mr.Popo and others). He’s also lent his vocal talents to MOBA-game Heroes of Newerth, and the anime series The Ambition of Oda Nobuna! Nick shall continue to refine himself and his craft until he is deemed once again worthy of returning to Asgard under the banner of Lanipathor!

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