Science of Archer

Cancer, alcohol, and tinnitus! Wait! There’s science in Archer? Is alcohol really a solution?

Science of Attack on Titan

What kind of stresses would a “titan” face? Is a humanoid creature the size of the collosal titan even possible? How do those omni directional gear devices work?

Science of Hannibal-Cannibalism

Experts dicuss the history of cannibalism and the biology behind why it’s such a bad idea!

I am Groot - Wisdom of the Trees

Urban Foresters and AZ Arboretum Staff explain the worth and wisdom of trees and the intelligence of forests.

“Why did you only pack red shirts?”: Avoidable Space Mishaps in Sci-Fi

Scientists discuss what real-world space crews do, know, and plan for that doesn’t involve banging on the console or yelling at your engineer for more power.

Branching Out Royalty; Geneology and Genetics

The royals bred within the family, and for generations, there was enough to keep the genetic disorders at bay. But the battle for the thrones and blue blood eventually led to some deadly diseases.

Medieval Medicine

Take two lizard tails boiled in belladonna and call me in the morning. How medieval medicine had more of a chance of killing you than curing you.

Rattle Me Bones: The Science of Skeletons

From your skull to your toes, learn about the sceince behind the your bones.

The Science of Piracy

Life was not all ships and long ARRrrr - as our experts in marine biology, archaeology, navigation, and economics discuss the Golden Age of Piracy.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.